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Blocs 77

Blocs 77 On Nut Corner Unit
฿4,500,000 - Condo

Offered for sale an outstanding one bedroom Corner Unit at Blocs 77 On Nut.…

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42 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage460 Mtrs

2 bedroom LPN Rama 9

2 Bed Condo Lumpini Place Rama 9
฿29,000 - Condo

2 bedroom corner unit for rent at LPN Lumpini Place Rama 9. This condo…

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70sqm 2 Bed1 Bath1 Garage700 Mtrs

Le Cote Asoke

Le Cote Condo Asoke
฿24,000 - Condo

Le Cote condo Asoke Sukhumvit. This condo really is in the heart of Bangkok…

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39 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage88 Mtrs

Seed Musee 26

Seed Musee Sukhumvit 26
฿25,000 - Condo

Seed Musee Condo Sukhumvit 26 Close to Phrom Phong BTS Let’s suppose you asked…

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44 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage600 Mtrs

Rhythm Huai Khwang

Rhythm Huai Khwang for Rent
฿25,000 - Condo

Condo for Rent at rhythm Condo Huai Khwang. One yes One solitary meter from…

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45 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage1 Mtr

The Bangkok 61

The Bangkok Sukhumvit 61
฿35,000 - Condo

2 Bed Condo Close to Ekamai BTS Large Two Bedroom Condo for Rent at…

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85sqm 2 Bed2 Bath1 Garage600 Mtrs

The Fullerton

Fullerton Sukhumvit
฿75,000 - Condo

The Fullerton Condominium Sukhumvit Bangkok for rent. The Fullerton is a luxury condominium and…

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132 sqm 3 Bed3 Bath2 Garage250 Mtrs

Plus 38

Plus 38 Condo Sukhumvit
฿21,000 - Condo

Plus 38 Condo is located in a quiet soi of Sukhumvit Soi 38. The…

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50 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage350 Mtrs

Crest Sukhumvit 24

Crest Sukhumvit 24
฿27,000 - Condo

The Crest in Sukhumvit 24 is surely one of the best locations in Bangkok.…

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46 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage450 Mtrs

Belle Grand 2 Bed

Belle Grand 2 Bed Condo
฿45,000 - Condo

Two bed condo offered for rent at Belle Grand Rama 9. This unit is…

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69 sqm 2 Bed2 Bath1 Garage450 Mtrs

Room Sukhumvit 40

The Room 40
฿25,000 - Condo

Condo for Rent ‘The Room’ Sukhumvit Soi 40. Very well appointed condo in a…

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44 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage550 Mtrs

The River

River Condo Bangkok
฿39,000 - Condo

The River is the place to stay at the Chao Phraya River Bangkok. The…

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70 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage650 Mtrs

Legend Sala Daeng

Legend Condo Sala Daeng
฿55,000 - Condo

Legend Condo Sala Daeng for Rent The Legend Condo is located on the corner…

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102sqm 2 Bed2 Bath500 Mtrs

Belle Grand

Belle Grand Rama 9
฿25,000 - Condo

One Bedroom Condo for Rent at Belle Grand Belle Grand Rama 9, ultimate convenience…

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47 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage400 Mtrs

Seed Mingle

Seed Mingle Condo Sathorn
฿25,000 - Condo

One Bedroom Condo for Rent at The Seed mingle Sathorn Seed Mingle is a…

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56 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage1600 Mtrs

Base On Nut

Base Condo On Nut Pool View
฿14,500 - Condo

Condo Unit at The Base Condo On Nut with the highly desirable pool view.…

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30 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage400 Mtrs

Alcove Ekamai

Alcove Condo for Sale
฿4,800,000 - Condo

Studio Condo for sale at The Alcove Condominium Ekamai Alcove is ideally located in…

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37 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage1200 Mtrs

Alcove Thonglor

Alcove Condo Thonglor Ekamai
฿25,000 - Condo

Studio apartment at The Alcove Condo Thonglor / Ekamai. Alcove is ideally located in…

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37 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage1200 Mtrs

LPN Rama 9

LPN Rama 9 Condo For Sale
฿2,900,000 - Condo

Condo for sale at LPN Lumpini Place Rama 9. This condo has the LPN…

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34sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage700 Mtrs

Lighthouse Sathorn

Lighthouse Condo Sathorn
฿26,000 - Condo

Lighthouse Condo Sathorn for Rent Lighthouse is ideally located for those who want to…

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72 sqm 2 Bed2 Bath1 Garage650 Mtrs

Mango Condo

Mango Condo Bangkok is a western owned and run real estate company in Bangkok, we have years of experience in the Bangkok Property Market and a large database of properties in all areas.
We have multilingual staff to help you with any property purchase and a contract in English for non-Thai’s.
Mango is a real bonafide company, registered in the kingdom of Thailand.

Typical Utility Bills for a Condo

One of the questions we are often asked is “How much are utilities when Renting a Condo in Bangkok?”
The figures given here are an estimate based on the condo being modern, air conditioning units being modern and serviced/cleaned.

Obviously there are a lot of variables involved: number of rooms, size of condo and age of air conditioner units, government electricity, seals on windows and doors and actual time using the air conditioner. However we will give a guide for the most popular type and size of condo available: 33-40 sqm and 1 bedroom with a tenant who works each day and uses the aircon for a few hours in the evening and sleeping.

With these parameters you should have an electricity bill of between 500 and 800 baht per month for a one bedroom condo, for a 2 bedroom condo double that amount.
If your bills are higher then the first thing to do is service your air cons and check the age of the units.
Air conditioning will be your biggest drain on electricity and a single unit that is old or requiring a service could cost an additional 1,000-1,500 baht per month.

Electricity bills will come to the mailbox at your condo and can be paid at any 7/11.
Make sure to pay bills promptly or you will be disconnected!
Water bills in Bangkok for a similar sized apartment should be between 150 and 300 baht per month.

Tips on Renting a Condo in Bangkok

#1. Use a real Professional Condo Rental Agency, NOT a freelancer.
Real estate in Bangkok is completely unregulated and the barriers for entry into the market are practically nonexistent. This has spurred thousands of ‘freelancers’ who operate outside any tax law, don’t have an office, work from a mobile phone and offer zero protection to the renter.
Encounter an issue of any kind and you can expect that once adequate command of English to disappear and subsequent calls will go unanswered.
Renting a property is probably the largest purchase you will make in Bangkok, renting from a freelancer is a sure way to join the ever increasing ranks of people who lose their deposit!

#2. Know what you want!
Bangkok is a big city and looking at 2 condos within the same area could take an entire morning or afternoon depending on traffic, looking for property in more than one area could take a full hot sweaty tiring day!
Before embarking on a search for a condo or house it is a good idea to have a location and a product in mind.
Don’t tell your realtor you want to rent a 2 bed condo at On Nut with a large pool and then rent a 1 bed condo with no pool at Rama 9!
If you are not sure where to stay ask us, we can make a good guess on the right location for you based on the location of your work, access to transport, requested facilities, where you like to socialize and your budget.

#3. Be realistic.
If you have read this far on our website you will have seen that that a one bedroom property in a modern condo, reasonably close to transport is not achievable for less than 13,ooo Baht per month and that is an absolute minimum. There are a number of websites or blogs that will mislead by saying a room can be found for a few thousand baht per month, however for that price you will be staying in a single room with no kitchen, non-government electricity, minimal security, if there is air conditioning in the room it will be old and therefore expensive to operate, have poor facilities and be miles from the closest BTS or MRT.
In such a room your electricity bill will be much higher, air conditioning units may be old and seals around windows and doors will be nonexistent.
Being further from the BTS or MRT will mean you spend money on taxis and motorcycles that you would have saved by renting a condo closer to a BTS or MRT.
All of these bills mount up and you may realise that you are paying way too much for an apartment that once looked cheap!
Be realistic and budget for the best condo or house to rent that you can afford and you will enjoy your time in Bangkok a lot more!
Also you will have a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, probably a balcony, nice fitness and pool, and reasonably close to BTS or MRT, a world away from renting a single room.

#4. Get a contract in English.
Now this never fails to amaze us, we get a number of requests for help each week from people who signed a contract in Thai and are having difficulty getting their deposit back.
Our question is always ‘why did you sign a contract in a language you can’t read?’
Watch Thai people when they are presented with a contract, they read every word because everything is in the contract, rights for renters in Bangkok are practically nonexistent.
It really does take a special kind of stupid to nonchalantly sign a contract you can’t read.