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Locations & Prices in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the longest roads in Thailand but for the purpose of renting a property in Bangkok we can restrict the locations to Nana to Udom Suk.
A list of BTS stations contained within the Sukhumvit area would be: Nana, Asoke, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekamai, Phra Khanong, On Nut, Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udom Suk, Bang Na and Bearing.
Although Bang Na and Bearing are on the Sukhumvit line, I don’t think many people would class those locations as Sukhumvit in general speech, they are quite far from the center.
There is an argument for including Chidlom and Phloen Chit on that list but technically they are not on Sukhumvit Road.

Prices vary greatly within Sukhumvit, let’s look at some locations and typical prices.


Nana is arguably where you will find the oldest properties in Sukhumvit.
Nana is of course famous/infamous for it’s red light area and it is a noisy place to stay, if you can live with the noise, bustle, endless tourists and hawkers, then maybe Nana is the place for you.
Condos there are generally have a generous floor space and are older.
Condos in Nana have been making money for a long time and land has traditionally been expensive, making development of new condos there very rare.
Prices, even for an older one bedroom condo will be relatively high, minimum of 23,000 Baht per month and although you may get some additional floor space the place will probably look tired and may have higher utility bills.


Asoke is theoretically popular location to live and a lot of people when they arrive think they will stay at Asoke.
However most of the condominiums there are old and uneconomical for utilities such as electricity, because of that some big condos can be found for what at first appear to be a great deal.
However when faced with an electricity bill that may be 15 times greater than that of a new modern condo, old facilities, possible maintenance issues and a possible pest problem, suddenly that mausoleum with its acres of space starts to lose it’s shine!
Smaller Condos in Asoke in the 18,000 Baht range will be old and relatively expensive for utilities.
Modern condos there are the sensible choice, bills will be a fraction of an older condo, maintenance will be better, although pools may be small due to the majority of new buildings being low rise but a Modern One Bedroom Condo, under 40 SQM in Asoke will cost you 25-30,000 Baht per month.

Phrom Phong

Phrom Phong is always popular but for a modern budget condo, forget it, inner city living has a price. Again there are a lot of older condos around Phrom Phong and a lot of condos that appear to be a good deal but will levy you with a simply ridiculous electricity bill at the end of the month.
Some apartment buildings around Sukhumvit have been pulling the electricity scam for years and are expert at it, Phrom Phong is the place where this will happen if you are silly enough to ‘walk in’ to a condo or apartment building.
Remember nothing is free, if it appears to be too good to be true, it is!


Thonglor is the ‘new black’ in property locations in Bangkok! It is probably the most requested location for mid range properties in Bnagkok.
Social life is good, the restaurant scene is truly international and there are a lot of modern condos.
Of course this all comes at a price, a one bedroom condo within a few hundred meters of the BTS at Thonglor will cost you anything from 28-40,000 Baht per month.
If you have the money and the desire and socalising is important to you but don’t want to be over run with tourists and street vendors, then we would thoroughly recommend Thonglor.
If there was a minus point it would be that some customers say they feel it is not Bangkok enough for them, a lack of street food etc.


With a few exceptions, Ekamai and Thonglor will be the most expensive locations to stay on Sukhumvit.
Most of the condos at Ekamai are modern and relatively close to the BTS.
Ekamai and Thonglor are two streets / sois that run parallel to each other, are only a few hundred meters apart and share the same advantages / disadvantages.
Prices for a modern one bed condo around Ekamai are the same as those for Thonglor: 28-40,000 Baht per month.

Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong does have some modern condos but mostly into Rama 4, which can be quite a walk from the BTS.
The area has a lot of older apartment buildings and there really isn’t a lot to do. Any socalising or shopping will require a trip on the BTS or a taxi.
There are some modern condos at Phra Khanong with great facilities, so if the relative quietness of the area and isn’t an issue then you will definitely find a nice apartment.
However the choice of condos close to the BTS at Phra Khanong at present is quite restricted, I can think of one budget: 15.000 baht condominium and two mid range: 20-30,000 range modern condominiums.

On Nut

On Nut has been popular with English teachers for a long time.
This was traditionally due to On Nut being the last stop on The Sukhumvit line, that is no longer the case and property prices have risen.
Prices for a modern one bed condo under 40 SQM at On Nut would be 13-15,000 Baht per month.
For that price you would be 500 meters or less from the BTS, have a nice pool and fitness and possibly amenities onsite such as a 7/11 or coffee shop.
On Nut market is a popular spot for westerners after work and you will always find someone to chat to there on the way home from work.
For those looking for a cheap condo less than a kilometer from the BTS, they may be better to look further out the Sukhumvit line towards: BangChak, Punnawithi or Udom Suk.

Base Condo On Nut

Base Condo On Nut
฿14,000 - Condo

Modern and bright condo to rent at The Base Condo On Nut. This condo is on a high floor, overlooking the river and towards the city. This unit is the…

More Details
31sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage460 Mtrs

Nusasiri Grand

Nusasiri Condo Ekamai
฿65,000 - Condo

Bangkok has a lot of small condos, this is not one of them! This is not true of Nusasiri Condo at Ekamai BTS Sukhumvit. Nusasiri offers very rare and generous…

More Details
120sqm 2 Bed2 Bath1 Garage40 Mtrs

Corner Apartment Base On Nut

Corner Condo Base On Nut
฿16,500 - Condo

**Note: This is the larger 36 sqm size not the usual 30 sqm size offered at The Base Condo. Beautiful corner unit at The Base Condo On Nut with views…

More Details
36sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage460 Mtrs

Seed Musee 26

Seed Musee Sukhumvit 26
฿25,000 - Condo

Seed Musee Condo Sukhumvit 26 Close to Phrom Phong BTS Let’s suppose you asked for a condo that was in the heart of Sukhumvit, walking distance or short motorcycle ride…

More Details
44 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage600 Mtrs

The Bangkok 61

The Bangkok Sukhumvit 61
฿35,000 - Condo

2 Bed Condo Close to Ekamai BTS Large Two Bedroom Condo for Rent at Ekamai The Bangkok is located in Sukhumvit Soi 61 which is between Thonglor and Ekamai on…

More Details
85sqm 2 Bed2 Bath1 Garage600 Mtrs

Plus 38

Plus 38 Condo Sukhumvit
฿21,000 - Condo

Plus 38 Condo is located in a quiet soi of Sukhumvit Soi 38. The condo is in a quiet location with minimal traffic but still close to the BTS at…

More Details
50 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage350 Mtrs

Crest Sukhumvit 24

Crest Sukhumvit 24
฿27,000 - Condo

The Crest in Sukhumvit 24 is surely one of the best locations in Bangkok. The Crest is located in a quiet soi off Sukhumvit Soi 24 with Benjasiri Park running…

More Details
46 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage450 Mtrs

Room Sukhumvit 40

The Room 40
฿25,000 - Condo

Condo for Rent ‘The Room’ Sukhumvit Soi 40. Very well appointed condo in a low rise building this unit is an excellent choice if you want to live in a…

More Details
44 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage550 Mtrs

Base On Nut

Base Condo On Nut Pool View
฿14,500 - Condo

Condo Unit at The Base Condo On Nut with the highly desirable pool view. This unit is probably geared more towards a girl as you can see from the furnishings…

More Details
30 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage400 Mtrs

Alcove Thonglor

Alcove Condo Thonglor Ekamai
฿25,000 - Condo

Studio apartment at The Alcove Condo Thonglor / Ekamai. Alcove is ideally located in the heart of Thonglor and Ekamai at Thonglor Soi 10 and Ekamai Soi 5. Some of…

More Details
37 sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage1200 Mtrs

Siri on 8

Siri on 8 Condo Sukhumvit
฿35,000 - Condo

Siri on 8 Condo Sukhumvit Soi 8 for Rent Siri on eight is a modern low rise condo situated in the heart of Sukhumvit and a short walk from the…

More Details
55 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage400 Mtrs

Wyne Sukhumvit

Wyne Condo Sukhumvit
฿23,000 - Condo

Wyne Condo Sukhumvit for rent. Wyne is a San Siri condominium so build quality is high, this boutique condo really stands out as a superior property. Walking distance to the…

More Details
35sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage310 Mtrs

IDEO Morph

IDEO Morph Sukhumvit 38
฿27,000 - Condo

Stunning duplex condo at IDEO Morph Sukhumvit 38. Bright condo with contemporary design, large full height windows that take full advantage of the unobstructed views over a rare green area…

More Details
34sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage200 Mtrs

Blocs 77

Blocs 77 Condo On Nut
฿18,000 - Condo

Condo at Sukhumvit Soi 77 On Nut for rent. This Condominium is simply the best value you can hope to get in this price range. Blocs 77 is a San…

More Details
41sqm 1 Bed1 Bath1 Garage390 Mtrs

CEIL Ekamai

CEIL Condo Ekamai
฿22,000 - Condo

Condo Ekamai, brand new condo in Ekamai Soi 12. Low rise boutique style condo with the high level of finish you would expect from San Siri. Rooms are compact but…

More Details
33sqm 1 Bed1 Bath0 Garage1200 Mtrs